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Apple prematurely announces billionth AppStore download…: “


…but only, of course, if you set your computer’s clock forward! (Click for the full-size graphic). Camillo Miller writes in:

Wanna see what Apple will do at the 1Billionth download mark? Set your Mac’s clock to friday 24th and head to

Now here’s a great piece of blogsanity: the source has watermarked its screenshots of this, as if it were some sort of exclusive not available to anyone with a web browser and a clock. Great find, though!

Update: Commenter GabrielM wonders why we’ve got it classified as a ‘fuck up.’ It’s not because of the existence of the page itself, but because Apple’s set the ‘billionth app’ threshold as a date rather than a number! (The actual counter is, as commenter Youngbrendan points out below, probably reasonably accurate)

Source [Mac Magazine via Apple Lounge]

(Via Boing Boing Gadgets.)


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