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Its not about where, but when to advertise!: “Last week was the last week of college for me, until September at least.

And as I left i went to the loo (as you do) and as i was drying my hands, in-between the dryers was a A4 piece of paper that said ‘While your standing there drying your hands, have you thought about your future?’ and the rest of the paper said about where you can get help about your future, but that’s not what got me, it was the fact it advertised when you had time to read it. There every few times when you spend time in your day standing around, with nothing to specifically to look at, one is drying your hands you look at the cracks in the walls, the logos etc but having an advert there you will read it, your mind has to.

Now using that idea, maybe its the same with the net? When are there times on the net when your waiting for something, but not specifically looking for anything. One time NOT to do it is when you access a website, the user accessed the website to read the website, not be bombarded by adverts.

So, people out there who are lucky enough to have brains, please help me out! What times on the net do you find yourself waiting, but not looking!

For example, uploading files, you are not looking at anything, maybe the progress bar, but that’s about 10% of the overall page, so you could have ‘While your file is being uploaded, who is hosting you?’ Or something along those lines, any ideas post them!

(Via Dan Clarke Web design (Alternate Blog).)


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