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50 Trend-setting Design Studios and Agencies: “

Without a doubt, the WWW is indeed a wonderful place. It’s full of beautiful and professionally designed websites; but is there a creative team behind each of these corporate websites? Our guess is probably no.

Most of the time, design studio and agency are the unsung heroes behind most of these great production. Formed by group of passionate designers and developers, these folks understand exactly what their client needs. Not only their work are source of inspiration for many designers, they are also trend setters.

Without further ado, we’d like to reveal you some of the group responsible for great websites we visit everyday. In no particular order, we present 50 Trend-setting Design Studios and Agencies. Full list after jump.


The design studio of Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain [View portfolio]

45Royale Inc

Enthusiastic web design studio located near the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. As little as 2 man compnay, these folks has done great jobs from planning, designing to managing. [View portfolio]

Mass Appeal

Japanese design house with awesome lots of portfolio.



small person-driven studio currently based in Chicago encompassing a wide range and variety of work, never limiting itself to one kind of client or type of work. [View portfolio]


A design, development and product strategy company [View portfolio]

Lounge Lizard

Website design and marketing agency servicing agency. [View portfolio]


Small in size, but design for big names; Nike, American Eagle Outfitters, & Effen Vodk. [View portfolio]

Wonderful Union

Award-winning interactive design firm located in Seattle with great clients portfolio inlcuding including Dreamworks, Getty Images, Microsoft, Nintendo, Xbox and Zune. [View portfolio]


Cute name, almost 20 years of industry experience. [View portfolio]

Tolleson Design

With expertise in identity, print, packaging, interactivity and environments, the Tolleson studio crafts initiatives that integrate multiple disciplines. [View portfolio]


Offering expertise in branding, advertising, print and web design.

Wake Interactive

Creative, agile and passionate web design agency based in Boca Raton, Florida. [View portfolio]

VSA Partners

Graphic design house with designing as center of gravity. [View portfolio]


Eclectric group of thinkers, designers, programmers and artists.[View portfolio]


Team of eight specialists: designers, developers, authors, thinkers and web afficionados. [View portfolio]


A team of 10 young people from various fields and disciplines. [View portfolio]



Design studio based in New York City, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL

2Advanced Studio

Founded by its Chief Creative Director Eric Jordan, 2advanced is perhaps one of the best in the industry.


Full service integrated marketing firm made up of a highly trained group of technology, communication and marketing specialists.


Complete design studio working in print, film and interactive mediums based in France

Toko Design Sydney

Multi-disciplinary design studio working for national and international clients in a broad range of fields.

Tilt Design Studio

The Design Chapel

Teehan + lax

Founded by Teehan and Lax, the company was built by creative people for creative people.[View portfolio]


Independent digital agency based in Birmingham, UK. [View portfolio]

Stuff And Nonsense

Small but gained big reputation for creating strong designs and highly accessible web sites. [View portfolio]

Studio K


Founded by Douglas Bowman, the creative director of Twitter.[View portfolio]



Small privately held company that specialized in interaction design. [View portfolio]


Big SpaceShip

Innogavtion-led digital creative agency.



Pod1 is a growing team of 50+ creative, strategic and technical specialists all extremely passionate about the digital and creative industries and what they do. [View portfolio]


Specialized in graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and product design.


Magnani Caruso Duttion

Independent interactive agency helping some of the world’s most recognizable brands to mange their business online. [View portfolio]


Wiredrive sets a new standard for online production and presentation, backed by a team of people who are redefining the landscape of digital workflow. [View portfolio]

Fantasy Interactive (Fi)

Fi delivers premium interactive services and media platforms. [View portfolio]

Leo Burnett

Hybrid Works

Happy Cog

The folks behind AIGA and WordPress blog platform web design.[View portfolio]


Tiny interface design studio that creates simple, fast hyper usable websites and interfaces

Juxt Interactive

jUXT is a company that creates from the ground up, top to bottom, or even sideways. It kinda makes sense since we were started by a couple of architects. [View portfolio]


SimpleBits designs and builds simple, usable, and attractive interfaces that account for speed, file size, readability and accessibility using web standards. [View portfolio]

Meta Design

NDesign Studio

Description [View portfolio]

Fuse Project

You know more?

There are definietely more great design studios out there that makes what we have here merely scratching the surface. If you know more, we appreaciate a heads up. We’ll either this current post, or create a sequel.

Leave your suggestions at the comment box below, thanks 🙂



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